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Semi-annual update 21

Holy crap, it's been way too long since I updated this blog. I'm gonna try to make six months the absolute max I'll go without posting here, but my excuse is I've been just crazy busy working on the game! These days I've been spending every spare minute getting it ready for PAX West and then some, and I dare say this past month has been my most productive month ever, which really is saying a lot considering I've got a full time day job now. But why do I need a day job, you ask? Because I have a wife, and wives require money, but I digress... here's the list of new stuff I've gotten done:

Three chairmen have been created with extra large size and health and unique voices, and the keep will spawn one at random when attacked.
Updated the UI in several areas.
The narrator voice was reworked and all its audio replaced, plus he now gives demon status alerts and coaches you on gameplay.
Subtitles were added for the narrator, and an option to toggle them added …

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