Renditions of the Awakening is a first-person 3D tactics/strategy game best described as a demon summoner simulator. Players will control a character who has achieved greatness and lived to tell the tale, but the story of his conquest comes out different with each re-telling / playthrough.

Gameplay involves searching for portals hidden throughout each level, using a mysterious language to summon demons from the other side, then unleashing those creatures onto the hapless guards and townsfolk of the land. Where you go death closely follows.

Difficulty arises in a few different ways:

The demons are never under your direct control. They are moderately compelled to follow you around and not eat you or each other, but that is the only limitation to their own free will.
Demons are emotional creatures and will turn on you and each other if they get angry. The bigger your army, the harder it may be to manage.
Enemies will flee, seek shelter, send for help, help each other, band together, and put up an active resistance to your invasion if you allow word to spread of your attack. The player must control the flow of battle information to limit the AI's response.

Under development by Bad Cop Worse Cop Studios since July 5th 2016

Early access launch is scheduled for 1 September 2020, with current estimated probability of me actually hitting that date at about 50% as of 18 March 2020.

Steam, PC


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