The Game

Renditions of the Awakening is a first-person 3D tactics/strategy game where you play a character who has achieved greatness and lived to tell the tale, but the story comes out a bit different with each re-telling.

All that's known for sure is how it began -- with a powerful discovery -- and how it ended -- with remorseless conquest.

The core gameplay involves searching for portals hidden throughout each level, using the language of Demons to draw foul creatures into your service, then unleashing them onto the guards and townsfolk of the land. But be warned, Demons are arrogant and fickle creatures. They can never be controlled directly, and when tempers flare even the force that binds them to you can be overcome.

Knowledge is power. Master the Demon tongue and the portals will bend to your will. Study your Demons and you will learn how to direct their rage.

Conquer your enemies and dictate the fate of human kind.


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