The Who and the Why

Bad Cop Worse Cop Studios is an independent game studio consisting of just two guys working on our first game. We'll save the life stories for the AMAs because all that really matters is that our game is gonna be really good you guys. Totally.

Here's why: We're here because we love games and we want you to love games too. Priority 1 on every project will do will always be to make the best game possible, even if it's risky from a financial approach. It would be nice if we sell enough copies to pay the bills, of course, but we'd rather have a hundred hardcore fans than ten thousand that think our games are "okay".

Are you sick of the low levels of originality coming out of the mainstream games industry? Are you especially sick of games made by people who care more about money than about providing memorable experiences, people who don't even play their own games? You're not alone.

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