Weekly Progress Update 1

I'll try to do progress updates every Sunday or so to keep all you wonderful people informed about what I've been up to (and whether or not I've been slacking off). But since this is the first one I'll try to break down basically where we're at, completion-wise.

Design: The grand design is pretty well nailed down and has been for some time now. We know how we want the core gameplay to feel and the bits that are playable right now feel right. The UI isn't done but we are planning on keeping it minimalist. 2d art can keep waiting.

Coding: Most of the way done. Still need to expand the AI and add a few more key features then attempt optimization then fix bugs, but the big stuff is already there and working.

Levels: They're on their way, but none are done at the moment.

3D Asset Creation: 7 demons are fully functional, but we are planning on making at least 30 (plus elite versions). The first 7 took about 20 hours each to make, although we haven't rigged / animated any facial expressions yet. Maybe we'll just skip that part? Anyway, the elite versions will take way less time since they'll be based off of the originals so that's nice.

Music / Sound: None yet. We'll start crossing that bridge when we need to

Puzzle Game: This is the next big project I want to start working on. I believe I finally figured out a good design while I was in rural China last month but I need to build the prototype and see it in action first. Hope to have something to show off next week, even if its ugly.



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