Weekly Progress Update 4

Excitement level: High
Enthusiasm level: Super high
Productivity: We're getting tons done this week. 

The portal game is up and running and seems to accomplish exactly what we were hoping it would, so that's awesome. Visually it's still mediocre but who cares. Each new Rendition will begin next to a remote tier 1 portal which can be opened without time pressure. Alternatively, the player can choose to do some exploring first and either return to the starting portal later or seek out another.

The demon language itself is a mystery for the player. "SPEAK YOUR DESIRES AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE," each portal seems to whisper. Unknown words float around in the air. Can you decipher their meanings based on the results you receive and learn to order what you truly want? Or will you employ the time-honored linguistic technique of using all the biggest words you can find and hoping for good results...

Elemental interactions were also upgraded:
Slime attacks envelop enemies with goo which restricts their movements, causing lower attack speed and much lower move speed. Will decay on its own after a while (~20 seconds)
Slime is flammable. Combine with fire to convert slime into napalm
Slime also conducts electricity and can allow electric attacks to jump between targets

Upgraded Slime Guy's slime throws to use more accurate physics calculations for target leads

Pressing Fire2 (default right mouse button) when throwing meat now throws an armful at a time

Dead bodies now fade into the ground over 5s instead of disappear

Stay tuned for more.


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