Weekly Update 7

Another productive crunch week, guys. And I feel confident calling it that because I have no desire to ever work more hours (or ever tell anyone else to) than I'm putting in now. In fact I might track my time this next week and call it the bar.

Anyway here's what got done:

The reinforcements system got a full rework. Now each human that escapes off map will tell tales of the horrors they saw and try to round up a response force to go after you. If successful you'll hear horns approaching and how you handle them will be up to you. If they see demons, though, they will toot those horns as loud as they can and alert the whole map if you let them.

Made a UI icon for approaching horns

More updates to ragdolls and animations. Demons can ragdoll too now if overkilled with high damage, or as part of the Game Over effect if the player dies... like their souls get yanked back in an instant without you to tie them there, which means any demon that attacks the player out of anger is trying to go full bee. I like that idea.

Elemental effects got some love. Buildings take reduced damage from slime-based attacks now, but slime that comes into contact with either lightning or fire can turn into napalm and buildings take extra damage from fire. Also hitting a burning unit with more slime will refresh the burn duration.

Another round of movespeed tweaks, demons and player

And also bug fixes and code improvements but I expect that'll be true every week until this game dies so I'm gonna stop mentioning it now



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