Our UI "Seed"

Here's an idea that you almost certainly won't like: We're planning on doing our own voice acting.

Slow down, hear us out. First of all if we're wrong and people hate it we will back down and figure something else out. We'd love to have tons of voice acting make it into the final game but that's only feasible for an indie group if we have that talent in-house, and we'd like to find out if that's true for us. If it's not we won't have lost too much anyway, as long as you'll have a bit of patience with us.

The reason why we think it's worth the risk has to do with the "seed" around which we are building our UI and narrative. If you don't have time for the linked video the gist is that we're drawing inspiration from a talk Derek Sakamoto gave in 2015 based on Hearthstone's UI.

Our game is set inside of a series of stories told again and again by the main character to an unknown audience. The subject matter is always the same - a series of events the main character has since named "The Awakening" - but the details have been lost to the effects of age on memory and must be recreated by the player.

Re-tell the full story to hear it for the first time. Get the details totally wrong (by dying) and you might have to start over from the beginning.

But don't worry. The main character rather enjoys this storytelling. There will always be time for another rendition.


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