Weekly Update 8

Another week at what we are calling Max Crunch has gone by and we're glad for it. My own hours came in at just over 62 since last Sunday and I'll be happy if the record never gets pushed much higher than that.*

Here's what got done:

Big keep upgrades. Keeps now have their own centralized AI that will attempt to stop you as best as it can once it finds out that you exist and are up to no good. The keep AI can only act based on information it receives from other units in the map though, so controlling the flow of information will be critical on any map with a designated keep in it--which might be all of them, to be honest, because the keeps are pretty sweet and their design makes sense. Our world is a dangerous place. Every town should have at least one central defensible structure where panicking units can organize and retaliate against you, even if it's just the biggest house around.

Squad tactics have been added. Units formed into squads will try to stay near each other while working together towards a common goal, such as hunting you down or escaping the map to send for reinforcements. Squad members also actively communicate with each other, can try to change their own orders on the fly, and have the potential to find and come back with a lot of reinforcements should they all escape the map and seek help together.

Upgraded panic pathfinding. People running in terror from your demons are now more proactive about how they plan their escape routes, and units backed into a corner will quickly increase in desperation until they make a wild break for it.

Also a lot more animation work, more ragdoll upgrades, etc.

Back to work now. See you again next week.


*If an employee sees this from the future feel free to attempt to hold me to it


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