Weekly Update 16

Spent most of this week updating the archery system because it really needed it. All things bow and/or arrow-related are looking and working much nicer.
Also updated the aggro detection system to penalize larger, taller demons by making them easier to see from farther away. All demons are much harder to be detected by enemies while napping, and much easier to see while moving or well-lit.

Demons hit by arrows will aggro to the source no matter how far away it is
Arrows now sink nicely into demon skin and stay there throughout animations
Updated archer combat tactics. Will attempt to bound backward and space themselves away from each other in between bow shots if demons are closing in
Updated arrow physics to arc in their direction of travel, simulating the drag of the feathers
When a demon's target flees into a building the demon adds extra aggro value to that building
NPCs will sometimes turn and face the player if approached

Also I broke the slime balls. They don't splash quite like they used to anymore. :(



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