Quarterly Update 22

Renditions of the Awakening went to PAX West this year! The game was played by ~300 people and I collected enough feedback to last me the next three years! Those who won will be receiving free copies of the game once we make it to Early Access next September 1st and should have already received a gmail from badcopworsecopstudios.

I updated the demo again recently, too. Here're the changes:

Added 350+ audio lines
Added visual indicators to point out important information
Added tooltips for player items, press escape or hotkey i to pause then click tooltips to view info
Differentiated sleep speeds for different demons (smaller ones recover faster)
More tutorial added for players who haven't summoned their first demon yet
Demon spawn animation added to portals, and multiple demons now spawn in sequence
People now complain when you barge into their house

Oh, we also took RotA to the 2019 Denver Indie Games Expo! Latest demo version reflects bug fixes added the day after the show


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