Quarterly update 23

Here's what I've been up to the last few months:

I released Renditions of the Awakening demo 2.0, which added a second level, a campaign map, and changed victory conditions so that you no longer lose when your last demon dies.

In my opinion demo v2.0 was not as fun as I thought it would be and I've been spending time trying to figure a few things out, like what to fix first and how. I tried quantizing terrain to give levels more natural flow and it definitely felt better, but also made pathfinding worse and broke the whole game so I had to roll it back. The proof of concept was successful IMO though so I'll try it again after the next pathfinding update.

The next thing I tried was a new method for spawning portals, to replace exploration and randomness. Instead I'm trying out a Chaos meter that slowly fills when you do anything that gains points and will spawn a portal right in front of you and then reset itself when filled completely. Initial proof of concept work felt really good to me so I'm pressing hard in that direction.

Next demo update should include an ugly but working Chaos meter and significant gameplay improvements.

As always it will be live at user335.itch.io/rota and once I'm happy with it I'll upload to the Steam store page too.

Speaking of which, it helps me out immensely if you wish list my game on Steam!


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