Semi-annual update 26

Been refactoring! I made a first pass at a kilometer-sized map, to be the capital for the Horseman's Quarter, and my 4.5 year-long implementation of Unity's navmesh system just couldn't keep up. 

So, all of 2021 has been spent refactoring into A* Pathfinding Project (and rebuilding all my prefabs), which is almost complete except for still having some issues affecting performance and framerate. Pathfinding is no longer the laggiest part of my game! Other things now are and I'm still working on those.

There is also a new ranged fire demon fully implemented and spawnable from portals! They look like this when small:

And like this at level 10:

Thank you so much to The Artist for this work. No clue when we'll get more work of this quality, if ever. This game cannot afford to pay The Artist anywhere near what they are worth.

The full campaign outline has been planned as well and will most likely consist of 21 levels arranged by difficulty sort of like this, with players starting in one of the four light green corners and working their way towards the middle to beat the game:

The new level will be the one labeled 4 in this picture, and will be shipped with the next demo version but still needs tons of work so that definitely won't happen until 2022. 

Til next time, I'll be working hard.



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