Bi-annual update 27 - "Demonarch"

Wow it's been a while. I got back surgery and had a second kid and that wiped out most of 2022 but 2023 is looking a lot better. June and July were peak performance months according to I also changed the game's name from Renditions of the Awakening (rip) to Demonarch, which is by all measures a superior name.

The refactor is finally complete and we can now load hundreds of units across a large map without significant lag. A new demo is tentatively planned for Dec 2023 which will showcase this, plus mounted units and a revamped portal and leveling system. Now, if you don't activate a portal its energy will be combined into the next portal that is spawned for you. In practical terms this empowers the single-demon strategy because whenever your single demon eventually dies you'll be able to replace it with a huge one.

I had to put in a max level cap for demons though. At too high level demons were becoming larger than the entire map. The new max level for demons is 40, at which point they'll die and bifurcate into two level 20 demons of the same kind. Also to make huge demons useful all single-target attacks now apply damage to additional enemies whenever the first target is overkilled. High level ant demon still tries to grab tiny people and toss them, though. Probably need to modify his toss attack at level 20 and above to make it target buildings only...


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