Renditions of the Awakening is a First-Person Real-Time Strategy game about summoning demons and conquering the known world without taking any lives. To be specific, your demons do all the life-taking and your job is to guide them around each level helping them cause as much chaos as possible while you tend to their needs, like hunger, rest and a steady pace of combat. Your foes will start out unaware, uncoordinated, and won't know you're the cause of this invasion but all of that is subject to change if you let witnesses escape your demons and spread their news. 

Difficulty arises in a few different ways:

The demons are never under your direct control. They are compelled to follow you around but the only thing keeping them from attacking you and each other is them having more fun tearing the whole world apart instead.

All demons grow in strength over time, but some demons don't get along. Figuring out what the portal words mean is optional for players because the player character himself gains xp in spoken words as the game is played which results in progression over time, and also because you can never have complete control over what the portal gives you.

Enemies will retreat to the Keep and inform it of your invasion if they witnessed any demons. Keeps also start out passive, but will begin sending scouts,  actively calling for reinforcements and launching attack squads to stop you based entirely on information it receives from the people on the level. The worse you do at stealth, the more demons you'll probably need to win in the end.

I also never let you deal damage in any way. Being in first-person is mostly a liability, as a real battlefield would be to a non-combatant war leader. You can be stunned or knocked down by your own demons, hit by area effects, shot by arrows, or tossed around like a ragdoll. Your demons will try to follow you wherever you are but aren't likely to help tend to your wounds. The campaign is lost if you ever die.

Under development by Bad Cop Worse Cop Studios since June 2016

Releasing on Steam,, and probably other platforms for PC
when its ready


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