Demonarch is a First-Person Real-Time Strategy game about summoning demons and conquering the known world without taking any lives. To clarify, your demons do all the life-taking and your job is to guide them around each level helping them cause as much chaos as possible while you tend to their needs, like hunger, rest, and not getting bothered by your other demons too much. 

Your foes will start out as uncoordinated individuals, prone to panic and unlikely to put up much resistance, but that quickly changes as soon as you allow enemies to encounter demons and live to spread the news. Even the fact that you are the demon summoner is hidden by default! Enemies who slay your last demon will believe they rescued you unless someone among them knows better.

Difficulty arises in a few different ways:

The demons are never under your direct control. They are compelled to follow you around but the only thing keeping them from attacking you and each other is them having more fun tearing the whole world apart instead.

Demonic transactions are always permanent and chaotic in nature. You request new demons by speaking adjectives into a demon portal using the cryptic demon language, but any demon who feels connection to your call may answer (and may bring friends)! Deciphering the demon words will let you influence your army, but nothing in the demon world accepts direct orders.

Also, every demon type has at least one other type that it existentially hates and will fight to the death on sight. Demons are just like that. 

I also never let you deal damage in any way. Being in first-person is mostly a liability, like a real battlefield would be to a non-combatant war leader. You can be stunned, knocked down, or hit by any attack in the game including area of effect attacks. The rendition is lost if you ever die, but multiple renditions (playthroughs) are expected before any players will be victorious. Player items unlocked in any rendition are available in all future playthroughs. 

Victory occurs when demons conquer the King's Castle, located in the center of the campaign map.

Under development by Bad Cop Worse Cop Studios since June 2016

Releasing on Steam,, and probably other platforms for PC - when its ready (best guess ~2032)


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